Meet The Team

Sensei Jake 

Sensei Jake is the founder and head instructor at Victory Martial Arts Academy,

Sensei Jake has been training in Martial arts for over 14 years, He has spent time training in Muay Thai & Kung Fu, but his real passion is Kickboxing and Karate.

Sensei Jake had been a victim of bullying throughout his entire school life and even been a victim of numerous assaults until the age of 21, this was his turning point when he decided to take control of his life and tried martial arts. He instantly fell in love with the focus & discipline it gave him and the changes in his confidence and fitness. He continued training in a number of different dojos with many instructors until he found a club that suited his working life at the time. Within 1 year Sensei Jake realised this was the career he wanted to take and was taken on as a full time Instructor.

In the years that followed Sensei Jake lead numerous students through their journey from White belt to Black belt, took teams of students to tournaments, and coached 15 Students to World Championship gold medals in numerous categories. He has trained and worked with some of the best martial arts dojos from the USA and has reached the level of 3rd Dan Blackbelt in Kickboxing and Karate respectively.

He has done this with the simple mindset of helping people the same way his instructors helped him because martial arts changed his life.

Sensei Steph 

Sensei Steph Has been training in Martial arts for over 8 years. Steph started kickboxing as a way to get fit and improve her confidence but in no time found her passion for martial arts and started her journey in Karate too.

Within 2 years Sensei Steph had started competing in tournaments and in her first tournament became WKC National Champion qualifying for the WKC World Championships in Portugal, Steph continued training hard improving in every aspect until later that year when she competed in and won the WKC World championship Gold medal for Ladies Continuous Sparring. However, Steph was never one to let the foot off the gas and continued training to compete the following year only this time her focus was on something that had really piqued her interest since starting karate and that was Weapons, so a year after winning her first world Gold medal Sensei Steph went on to win her second World championship Gold medal this time in Traditional weapons.

Since then, Sensei Steph has ceased competing wanting to focus on teaching, specifically on being a role model to other ladies that are anxious and feel self-conscious, this is why she has decided to launch a ladies only class, knowing how intimidating it can be for ladies to take that first step in their own martial arts journey.


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